Alfardan Living: A Distinctive World Cup Experience

As Qatar prepares for the FIFA World Cup 2022, experts anticipate rental demand to increase throughout the event and beyond. Alfardan Properties strives to meet this demand, as well as offering exceptional amenities and services to truly live our brand ethos of “Distinctive Living”, making the event an unforgettable experience for all our visitors.

A rising trend in real estate is the need for superior property interior standards, saving tenants stress, time and cost. And high-quality homes with incredible amenities for a carefree, comfortable lifestyle are our forte.

Alfardan Properties’ world-class luxury portfolio provides more than a home. Our exclusive apartments are served by well-trained professionals, strategically located, exquisitely designed, and offer state-of-the-art amenities, recreational fitness classes and kids’ activities.

Al Gassar Resort, a unique community-centric property, not only has elegant family-friendly apartments and tailored services right by the FIFA Volunteer Hub and Al Qassar metro station, but is home to its own Padel Court, and is conveniently located next to a variety of food and beverage outlets run by Alfardan Hospitality, perfect for non-match days.

While Alfardan Towers, in the sprawling area of West Bay, is a prime property with luxury apartments near a main metro hub. Close by is also the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, two malls and multiple downtown hotels, home to the best of the Doha entertainment scene. The building is also home to the world renowned Guerlain Spa, Alfardan, the perfect getaway in the middle of all that Doha has to offer.

Our properties have proximity to metro stations to watch up to 3 matches in a day, world-class recreational facilities to relax and unwind, family-friendly and masterfully crafted homes, bespoke services and on-call concierge and staff, and access to the best food and beverage outlets. This will undoubtedly elevate the unique experience of attending the largest football tournament in the world.

We believe in providing a personalised lifestyle that is centered around the tenant’s needs, aspirations and experiences unlike any other. Winning the ‘Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Qatar’ at the 2022 Luxury Lifestyle Awards is also testament to the formidable end-to-end living solutions and the exceptional community environment, which Alfardan Properties offers, allowing tenants to truly experience Alfardan Living.

And as we prepare to welcome the world to Doha, we are proud to provide the same unparalleled experience, built on the very foundations of luxury living, and our uncompromising brand reputation as one of the leading lifestyle providers in Qatar.

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