Ensuring Safety Excellence: Alfardan Properties’ Successful Fire Evacuation Drill at Alfardan Commercial Tower

In a proactive effort to prioritize safety, Alfardan Commercial Tower recently conducted a successful fire evacuation drill on May 8th, 2024. This initiative, in collaboration with Qatar Civil Defense (QCD) and the official Qatari authorities (MOI/HMC), aimed to ensure the preparedness of both staff and tenants in the event of a fire emergency.

To guarantee readiness, a training session was conducted for designated fire wardens by various tenant offices prior to the drill. This proactive measure ensured that key personnel were well-equipped to handle emergency situations effectively. The drill witnessed participation from approximately 400 individuals across different floors, all converging at the designated assembly point of Alfardan Towers.

During the drill, a realistic fire scenario was simulated to assess the readiness and response of occupants. The reaction from both staff and tenants was commendable, showcasing a high level of adherence to safety protocols. In conjunction with the drill, QCD operation trucks were mobilized to simulate firefighting efforts, ensuring that every safety measure was diligently implemented. The success of the fire evacuation drill can be attributed to the collaborative efforts between Alfardan Properties and Qatari Authorities. The recent fire evacuation drill at Alfardan Commercial Tower stands as a testament of the company’s commitment towards safety and to the welfare of its staff and tenants, as well as the community. Alfardan Properties remains dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety within its premises.

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