Successful Sustainability Journey

Alfardan Successful Sustainability Journey

Driven by Qatar’s National Vision 2030 and the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda, Alfardan Properties is actively contributing to sustainable development through its commercial and residential properties. By embracing eco-friendly design and responsible operation practices, Alfardan Properties is committed to elevate industry standards by adopting innovative solutions and technologies that aim to promote sustainable properties in Qatar and the region. This approach is a key part of their Successful Sustainability Journey, aiming to improve the quality of life and well-being of tenants and set a benchmark for sustainability in real estate.

Empowering Residents for a Sustainable Future

Alfardan Properties goes beyond luxury living by building communities empowered to create a sustainable future. This year, as a part of our Successful Sustainability Journey, we are aiming to launch engaging community programs to inspire tenants to become active participants in creating a resilient, and environmentally friendly future.

Our Green Living initiative, a cornerstone of our Successful Sustainability Journey, offers tenants practical tips on water conservation, composting, and integrating renewable energy into their daily routines. By understanding the impact of their choices, they’re empowered to align their lifestyles with green principles.

Waste Reduction programs, another key component of our Successful Sustainability Journey, such as recycling, further motivate households and offices to shrink their carbon footprints by actively decreasing waste output. We have placed recycling bins in our properties to encourage commercial and residential tenants to develop lasting waste-minimizing habits and help create a culture of mindful consumption, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability.

Energy and water management

Driven by our commitment to Qatar’s National Vision and our sustainability goals, Alfardan Properties is strategically implementing change across various levels. Our energy management initiatives aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and operational costs while enhancing equipment efficiency. 

We recognize the critical importance of water conservation for long-term environmental and economic sustainability. Through monitoring of water usage and costs, we are actively implementing innovative solutions to minimize consumption and promote responsible management throughout our properties.

Making Sustainability a Regular Practice in Real Estate

 Alfardan Properties is actively involved in making sustainability a priority, including but not limited to certifications related to climate-friendly initiatives, such as Burj Alfardan, which was awarded the title of ‘Green Commercial Building’ by the Qatar Green Building Council in 2020 and a three-star rating by Global Sustainability Assessment System. This assures minimal usage in the building’s energy and water consumption, as well as its carbon footprint. The design also embodies several sustainable strategies in urban connectivity, site, indoor environment, management, and operations and materials.

 Guided by a commitment to social responsibility and innovation, Alfardan Properties aims to propel Qatar into a future where tenants are empowered to live their lives filled with purpose and fulfillment. Leading by example, Alfardan Properties is proud to be among the industry leaders embedding responsible practices into every facet of our operations in Qatar and the region.

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