Quality Management System

Alfardan Properties Quality Management System was first certified in December 2011 to ISO 9001:2008  standards. In 2015, this international standard on quality management system was revised. In line with the introduction of the revisions, Alfardan Properties have decided to adopt and transformed its Quality Management System to comply with ISO 9001:2015 standards in December 2017.

Alfardan Properties Quality Management System has been enhanced with the following additional requirements:

1. Understand the context of the organization by identifying, monitoring and reviewing internal and external issues which are relevant to Alfardan Properties’ purpose and strategic direction, and that these issues may have the ability to impact the intended results of the quality management system.
2. Understand the needs and expectations of interested parties which may have the likelihood to impact Alfardan Properties’ ability to supply consistent products and services.
3. Apply a systemic approach of risk-based thinking in Alfardan Properties’ operational processes to determine the risks and opportunities to be addressed and plan the actions to address them.

Alfardan Properties Quality Management System is aligned to the following quality management principles:
• Customer focus
• Leadership
• Engagement of people
• Process approach
• Improvement
• Evidence-based decision making
• Relationship Management

The Management Representative (MR) is responsible for the effective implementation and operation of the Quality Management System. The MR is assisted by the Document Controller (DC) who is responsible to upkeep all forms of documentation within the QMS in its latest version and to maintain an effective system of archiving quality records in compliance to the QMS requirements. A Lead Auditor is also appointed to lead a team of internal auditors to periodically assess the effectiveness of the system.

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