Introducing “Alfardan Living Privilege Programme”

Alfardan Properties has announced the launch of the ‘Alfardan Living Privilege Programme’, a reward programme that will offer current and prospective tenants a host of exclusive benefits spanning the Alfardan Group subsidiaries. The initiative has been launched in view of Alfardan Properties’ vision to curate a lifestyle for its tenants that delivers distinctive living at […]

Four Emerging Trends in the Commercial Real Estate Sector

Burj Alfardan Lusail

As 2021 sets on to rebalance the changes brought on by an unpredictable 2020, new emerging trends have taken on the commercial real estate industry for the better. Amongst the upcoming trends are the increased use of and reliance on technology, a shift towards eco-friendly construction and design, as well as a possible return to […]

Burj Alfardan Wins ‘Best International Commercial High-Rise Development’

Burj Alfardan Best International Commercial High-Rise Development

Burj Alfardan, located in Lusail smart city’s most coveted Marina District, has been awarded the title of ‘Best International Commercial High-Rise Development’ at the 2020 International Property Awards for its outstanding architectural design, development, and sustainability aspects. The building’s state-of-the-art design is credited to Qatari architectural pioneering company, the Arab Engineering Bureau (AEB) which has […]

Alfardan Towers: Designed for Success

Alfardan Towers

In the heart of Doha’s bustling city centre, West Bay, are the city’s iconic Alfardan Towers. These two elegant towers rise high into the sky as part of Doha’s impressive skyline and are noticeable from miles away for their impeccable design and high-end finishing. Alfardan Towers offer their occupants an enhanced living and working experience […]

Qatar Real Estate Market in 2021: Implementing our greatest lessons from 2020

Alfardan Towers

2021 has already set the tone for a positive year ahead. For Qatar, an optimistic outlook with country-wide roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine, and rapid preparations underway for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ have sparked a revival in economic activities across industries. While we welcome positive changes ahead, the past year has uncovered major […]

Reigniting the Real Estate Sector as Restrictions Ease in Qatar

A recent report by the Qatar Central Bank (QCB) in the 11th Financial Stability Report projected a positive outlook for the real estate industry. In essence, new investment-friendly laws, the completion and reopening of the Doha Metro and a new moderated supply should allow the real estate sector to stabilise in the upcoming months. While […]

Alfardan Properties renews ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Following a successful audit by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, Alfardan Properties has announced the renewal of ISO 9001:2015 certification of its Quality Management System (QMS). The recertification affirms the company’s commitment to develop luxurious properties that provide quality leasing and property management services. The ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard which focuses on several quality […]

Alfardan Properties New Website

Revamped, refreshed and powered for greater functionality, we are excited to announce the launch of our new website. Now, find a fresh look and a new feel at the same web address,, but with a more user-friendly interface and added features designed to enhance your experience. Whether Qatar, Oman or Turkey, and whether you’re […]

Building Sustainability into the Future

Today, with the earth’s natural resources at risk of overexploitation, the need for conservation has deepened more than ever. Looking for a solution that allows development without harm to the immediate environment or taking away from the resources of future generations, sustainable development has emerged as a guiding philosophy. As a country that has undergone […]