Why Rent a Commercial Property in Burj Al Gassar?

Office Spaces for Rent in West Bay Qatar at Burj Al Gassar

It can be difficult to find the ideal office space for rent in Qatar that checks all the boxes that a company may need to thrive in a fast-paced business environment. 

Alfardan Properties offers office spaces in prime locations that allow commercial entities to grow with world-class services and amenities.

One of these exquisite properties located in West Bay, Burj Al Gassar, epitomizes Alfardan Properties’ promise of delivering Distinctive Living and providing luxury working experiences. Situated in a vibrant downtown environment, Burj Al Gassar offers commercial spaces with exceptional facilities, high-quality finishing, and professional services, aiming to enhance the working lives of our commercial tenants.

QFC Approved & Category-A Offices

Burj Al Gassar is an exquisite QFC-approved office tower, offering category A, fully and semi-fitted offices, which are easily customizable and equipped with high-end security with 24/7 surveillance.

Expertly designed to achieve the maximum flexibility and convenience, every space includes high-end amenities and professional services, providing a turnkey solution for our commercial tenants.

The office tower is elegantly designed and well-fitted for every commercial need. Additionally, a 1-hour maintenance service guarantee allows businesses to function hassle-free. Such comprehensive property management ensures that each working space meets international standards of excellence.

Central Location and Panoramic Views

Burj Al Gassar, located in the heart of the city and adjacent to the Red Line Metro Station, provides easy access to Doha’s city center and major government organizations, making it an ideal space for commercial entities and professionals looking to work in the West Bay area.

The tower opens to the city on one side and has breath-taking panoramic sea views on the other, creating a harmonious working environment, which is essential for productivity and ensuring the smooth daily operation of any business, big or small. Its ceiling-to-floor windows show the beautiful West Bay area, illuminated by the city lights and mesmerizing sea views.

Ideal in Every Way

Offering flexible offices starting from 200 square-meters, Burj Al Gassar is an ideal office tower for commercial entities looking to rent comfortable and top-of-class office space with a central location, exceptional services, and outstanding location and views in the West Bay area.

Alfardan Properties’ award-winning and sustainable executive offices ensure easy accessibility, allows for a networking opportunity to connect with like-minded businesses, and creates a luxury and easy working experience for all businesses and employees.

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